Nokia has launched a new addition to its pure view family by launching NOKIA LUMIA 1020 with windows 8 and the most eye catching feature that is the 41 mp camera.
We have talked a lot of gpu’s cpu’s processors ,lets talk about the 41 mp camera and what it is capable of.
nokia lumia 1020
41 mp camera has everything to talk about and is the centerpiece of the device having 1/1.5″ BSI sensor,6-lens ZEISS optics and optical image stabilization,combining it with LED flash for video recording and a true proper xenon flash.
The NOKIA LUMIA 1020 is capable of capturing at 40 mp and 5 mp at the same time whereas the first device to pure view family that is NOKIA 808 PureView can capture one at a time.
Nokia has always aloud their customers to modify their device according to their need so this time the nokia has made an app for the photographers who want to edit and just want a perfect picture for them there is an app Pro Camera and Smart Camera camera lens apps to get an accurate picture.

Nokia Lumia 1020 can capture videos of up to 1080p resolution and thanks to the high-res sensor it features lossless zoom. You can zoom in up to 4 times in 1080p mode and up to 6 times when shooting 720p video without sacrificing much in terms of quality. Sound is recorded in stereo and is guaranteed to be crisp and deep thanks to the two wide dynamic range microphones on board.

Not only the camera but the screen is also very impressive 4.5″ Clear Black AMOLED display of 1280 x 768 pixels resolution. It is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and features Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ technology for smoother animations. Super Sensitive Touch technology is present, too, allowing you to operate the phone with gloves and nails.

The video recording is also good you can capture videos of up to 1080p resolution,you can zoom upto 4 time is 1080p mode and 6 time in 720 mode
Rest of the feature are quite usual nothing to surprised of but ther is an enhancement of ram to 2gb and 32gb internal storage.Nokia and Microsoft have provided 7 gb of SkyDrive storage. SkyDrive,that allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device.
Having Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon Chipset Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU and Adreno 225 GPU this device is fully loaded having the beast of the camera and that to making the beast more powerful by making changes in the settings by the two dedicated apps.